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COLLAPSE | انهيار | הִתְמוֹטְטוּת

2022 | Video-Art Exhibiton

COLLAPSE is a contemporary Video-Art Project that deals with the process of Collapsation, that defines many walks of life in this modern age, and the Collective and Personal experience within all these- Climate Collapse, Economic Collapse, the Collapse of Globalization into a wave of Separatist Nationalism, Collapsing Social Structures, and beside all these- the Reality itself thats collapsing into Synthetic Imaginary Alternatives.

The works within the project invites the visitors to examine the different Collapsing structures of our Society in these times, by mixing symbolic images of them with artistic historical motifs borrowed from different Cultures and Places that were part of The Late Bronze Age Collapse- a Global Collapse the occurred during the 13th-12th Centuries BC.

Footage by Noam Debel

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