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Homeground | משחקי בית

Barbur Gallery Jerusalem | 2023

Liebergall's first Solo Exhibition, deals with the connection between Man and Place, and as a result, the connection between Cultures and Place. The exhibition also has a more personal dimension which examines Liebergall's connection to Jerusalem, its Football Culture and the History of the city.


At the heart of Human Cultures throughout History and Prehistory, the Convention and Ceremony motif is the center of Community and Cultural Life. Today’s Football Stadiums are a modern embodiment of the same ceremonial gathering that celebrates the place, and as in any other ceremonial gatherings there are the Performers of the Ceremony - what happens on the pitch, and the Participants of the Ceremony- the Fans in the Stands.

Liebergall seeks to Share and Expose Jerusalem's condition during historical and contemporary times and offer an alternative in the form of a Cross-Cultural Timeless Ceremony to which the Shadow Figures and exhibition Viewers all converge- a Homeground.

Exhibition Footage by Noam Debel

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