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Arch of Failure

Mekudeshet Festival | 2019

Mural work that showed for only One night, during Mekudeshet Festival 2019 in Jerusalem, and was destroyed by the artist on the next day.


The work was done in memory of the late Yoram Amir RIP (1963-2019), Jerusalem based artist who fought to preserve the History of the city and its unique architecture. The work was installed in a room that used to be part of Amir's Gallery, and included the installation of temporary plaster walls, which were used to block the building's Arched Windows and Door.

The work corresponds with Arch of Titus (Rome, 1st Century), that describes the Destruction and Looting of Jerusalem during the 1st Century AD by the Roman Empire. Arch of Failure deals with the Destruction and Looting of Modern Jerusalem in present days.

Installation Photographs by Johnny Shwartz

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